Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Task Card

Hi Guys
this is my Task card it is where we write a problem like if you do something on your Chromebooks and there are a lot of pop ups and then you write something on your Chromebook and then post it on your blog to get some feedback.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

What is collaboration

Hi bloggers
Today our cyber smart teacher called Jerald came in and told us about cyber smart and I learned what was collaboration here is my work that I did today with Jerald.

Friday, 1 September 2017

How to care for chicks


Kia ora bloggers
This is my explanation for how to take care of chicks I hope you
     Comment to it

Chicks are small birds that live on the farm. In Henderson class we have hatched eggs and we have 9 of them. This explanation will tell you how to take care of the chicks.

In the incubator there are the eggs that had not hatched the incubator is made out of metal and plastic. Also the incubator keeps the eggs very very warm. The incubator also keeps the eggs from not Dying. After the eggs starts piping. Piping is when the egg shell starts to crack and then the chick can breath better

The brooder is where we put the eggs in when they are fully dried. Secondly when they are in the brooder they need to be fed  with chick food and the water bell is fer the chicks to drink out of. If they are not fully dried they need to stay in the incubator until they are ready to come out with a buddy.

It was very very hard to take care of the chicks because we had to feed them and give them a drink. When you take care of the chicks you need to feed them only twice a day and give them a drink when they need it.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017



On Wednesday When I came to school I saw three hatched eggs. I felt very excited and
happy, we named the three chicks, Carlos, Cameron, and cheka. After morning tea one 
chick had hatched out of the egg and we named it Tyson and also before lunch time one little chick hatched again and it was named crystal.Inside the incubator there were lots of broken eggshells. The next step is to put in the chicks in the brooder when they have fluffy fur and when they are dried and need a buddy to go in with them.